Solar PV Companies in South Wales: Choosing Prometheus Electrical

Jan 30, 2024


Welcome to Prometheus Electrical, the ultimate destination for your solar PV needs in South Wales. As a reputable business specializing in Lighting Fixtures & Equipment and Electricians, we are committed to delivering top-quality services and cutting-edge solutions.

Why Choose Prometheus Electrical?

At Prometheus Electrical, we pride ourselves on being among the leading solar PV companies in South Wales. Our dedication to excellence, customer satisfaction, and superior technology sets us apart from the competition.

Quality Service

With years of experience and a team of highly skilled electricians, we guarantee a service that exceeds expectations. We understand the unique requirements of solar PV installations and ensure that each project is executed with precision and efficiency.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Being at the forefront of technological advancements is our priority. We continuously update our knowledge and equipment to incorporate the latest innovations in the solar PV industry. By staying ahead of the curve, we provide our clients with state-of-the-art solutions that maximize energy production and efficiency.

Comprehensive Solutions

From initial assessment to final installation, we offer a wide range of comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Our experts carefully analyze your requirements, taking into account factors such as location, energy demands, and budget, to design a customized solar PV system that delivers optimal performance.

Professional Advice

At Prometheus Electrical, we understand that investing in solar PV can be a significant decision. That's why our knowledgeable team is dedicated to providing expert advice and guidance throughout the process. From assessing your property's suitability to offering financial insights, we ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Serving South Wales

Prometheus Electrical is proud to serve various locations throughout South Wales, including Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, and Bridgend. Our extensive coverage ensures that no matter where you are in the region, you can benefit from our high-quality solar PV solutions.


As the capital of Wales, Cardiff is a vibrant city where sustainable energy solutions are gaining popularity. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or public institution, our team in Cardiff is ready to assist you in harnessing the power of solar energy.


Located on the stunning coastline, Swansea is a city with immense potential for solar PV. Our Swansea team possesses in-depth knowledge of local conditions and regulations, ensuring seamless installations and effective renewable energy utilization for our clients.


With its expanding urban landscape, Newport is an ideal location for solar PV installations. We at Prometheus Electrical have the necessary expertise to help businesses and homeowners in Newport go solar, reducing their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.


Nestled in the heart of South Wales, Bridgend is a town that recognizes the significance of sustainable energy alternatives. Our Bridgend team is specifically equipped to cater to the region's solar PV needs, offering comprehensive solutions that align with local demands.

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it, here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"I couldn't be happier with the solar PV installation from Prometheus Electrical. From the initial consultation to the final handover, their team displayed professionalism and expertise at every step. Our energy bills have significantly decreased, and we are contributing towards a greener future. Highly recommended!"

- John D., Cardiff

"Prometheus Electrical transformed our office into an eco-friendly environment with their solar PV system. The installation was seamless, and the energy savings are substantial. Their knowledgeable team guided us throughout the process, and we are thrilled with the results!"

- Sarah M., Swansea

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