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Electrical Repair in Philadelphia, PA

Narducci Electric, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, can handle all of your electrical needs, from home wiring to correcting electrical violations. When you need professional electrical services, you can trust the half-century of experience our team offers.

Repairs and Installation
One of our specialties is fixing problems in older homes, and we can work with old knob-and-tube wiring or do an upgrade to an older home. We always ground the electrical systems and make electrical repairs up-to-code. Our equipment includes bucket trucks to service parking lights or make other electrical repairs. 

Get the wiring upgraded in your kitchen or bathroom, or in the entire building. Our electrical upgrades include adding more outlets or amps coming into the home. We do service upgrades, cable upgrades, and dedicated lines run for specific products such as air conditioners to avoid blowing a circuit. We can set up recess track backlighting, outside lighting, or any type of upgrades you may want.

A light wired correctly by our electrician in Philadelphia, PA”

Violation Corrections
If you have electrical violations, we can bring them up-to-code. Violations are issued by the city, and after we read what the violation is we will correct it, or we can issue a permit showing that we will correct the problem. If it is an emergency and needs to be corrected right away, we can handle
that as well.

Fire Alarm Systems
Protect yourself and your property by making sure your fire alarm system is in working order. We can install a system or correct any sort of fire alarm violations for residential and commercial customers. Our installation and repair work covers most brands of fire alarm systems.

All Electrical
If it’s electrical, we can install or fix it, from speaker wire to phone wire, from cables for television to installing video camera systems. One of our specialties is recessed lighting, either inside or outside of the home, and we can add lights to rooms and work with track lighting.

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